The Exercise Coach® in North Scottsdale is introducing a new high-tech piece of exercise equipment that burns more fat than traditional cardio -- the Surge 360. The public is invited to try it out at an open house on Saturday, March 25 from 9AM to 1PM.  Anyone new to Exercise Coach who stops by on Saturday will receive a coupon for 4 free trial workouts at The Exercise Coach.

The North Scottsdale Exercise Coach Studio is located at 10101 E. Bell Road, Suite 113, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 at the corner of Bell Rd and Thompson Peak Parkway.

The Surge360 features advanced Hydraulic Performance Training (HPT), which provides variable resistance in any direction determined by the force applied—building total body strength, power, and endurance. Smooth, non-jarring movements and transitions allow users to train for multi-directional power while limiting the risk of injury. The Surge360 burns more calories than traditional cardio and is used by many NFL and NBA teams, The USA Wrestling Team, and professional golfers such as Jordan Spieth.

The Surge360 is part of the Exercise Coach’s leading-edge approach to fitness that features the most advanced exercise technologies in the country. Their proprietary system provides a customized, safe and time efficient program that delivers real fitness and fat loss results. Options include one-on-one personal training, training with a partner, small group classes, and a youth training program. Clients achieve maximum results by performing two, 20-minute smart workouts per week, thanks to The Exercise Coach’s combination of bio-adaptive exercise technology and the knowledge and encouragement of professional personal coaches. The Exercise Coach® creates a dynamic exercise experience that is suitable for people of all ages, fitness and confidence levels.

“This new machine is proven to give users the most fat burning benefit in the least amount of time,” says Scottsdale Exercise Coach owner, Amanda Coe. “Why spend an hour at the gym, when you can get a similar result in much less time by exercising smarter?”

Founded in 2000, The Exercise Coach currently has two locations in Scottsdale and 35 locations throughout the US. The Exercise Coach® expects to have a total of 300 total locations by 2020.



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